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The dogma of Braiima-Sambandit, or * union with the divine, * upon which
Vall&BMcMrya constructed Ms whole system, was, as lie declares^ reTealed to
Mm by the Deity in person and recorded word for word as it was uttered. This
inspired text Is caled the Siddh&ata Raiiasyaj and being very brief and of quite
exceptional interest^ it is here given in full ;  


ftfi      HcSWST



^GFERflf                          f FfcjTff; SffSfa

~~             "                      rarej s

fejffC I


^                           fW fiiiPfPf "crt He! I

%^^Fii irar %i% UI(^TC i

_ ^          * * ________

wan wu wra^ ^^w

** At dead of night, on ihe llth f the bright fortnight of SraYan, what Is
hare wnttea ww dedsred to me, wowi for wordj By G-od hioaself. ETOTJ 31%
whether f body or owl, is put away by maicm -with the Create ; of whatever
Mud 1$m sm m&j be2 whether Ist^. original i 2nd, ^ooMeatal (ie^ bom of time